Medical Residents and Fellows

The key to building a strong financial future lies in initially building a strong financial foundation.  This can be difficult for many resident and fellow physicians and their families to build on their own given high debt levels, time limitations and household income constraints.  For these individuals and families, we specialize in offering a unique process that is designed to begin building the financial foundation needed for long-term financial success.  As a part of this process, Passmore Planning Professionals can review and provide implementation steps for the following important financial pieces:

  • Credit card debt repayment
  • Consumer debt repayment
  • Student loan repayment
  • Emergency fund accumulation
  • Personal liability review
  • Auto and homeowner insurance review
  • Disability insurance review
  • Life insurance review
  • Cash flow management
  • Budget preparation

If your financial foundation is solidly in place and your family is ready to take the next financial step towards accomplishing its goals, we can take the process to the next level by coordinating:

  • Initial retirement investments
  • Children's education funding planning
  • Home purchase preparation
  • Large consumer purchase preparation

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